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We are an estate planning and elder law firm. Our physical office is located in Camden, Maine. However, through our virtual law office, we serve clients throughout the state of Maine.
We have developed and are the only firm using our LifeCounsel® system to help clients make custom estate plans that preserve their family wealth, and prevent needless family conflict™.
We are elder law attorneys, which means we help our clients get nursing home benefits from Medicaid or MaineCare.
Contact our elder law firm to make a will, a trust, a power of attorney, a living trust, an irrevocable trust, an asset protection trust, a healthcare power of attorney, advanced directive for health care, living will or complete package of estate plan documents, and emergency care documents.

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Our clients use our LifeCounsel® system to make sure their plan works. They want to protect what they’ve earned. We believe that is right. Learn how to maintain control with a plan that protects what you spent a lifetime saving and building. We use wills and trusts and your wisdom to create a plan that saves taxes, protects from nursing home costs, possible divorce, bankruptcy, and remarriage, for you, your spouse, your children and grandchildren. If a loved one is facing a possible long stay in a nursing home, you need to know what can be done to protect and preserve their home and property.
Our clients achieve peace of mind by making a personalized estate plan that protects them, their spouses, and their family after they’re gone. Learn how to protect for your family at one of our estate planning free workshops.

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Learn why 70% of estate plans fail…

estate planning free workshops in Camden Maine
LifeCounsel® is built on the experience of over sixty five years of service to clients. Learning from the experience of my father, and my own, I know why most estate plans fail. Most estate plans fail for 3 reasons: they are not customized, they do not contain the wisdom of the planner, and, lastly, they are not maintained.

 LifeCounsel®  fixes all of that. 

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What is LifeCounsel®?

LifeCounsel® is a four-part system to ensure that your estate plan meets your unique goals and prioritizes your unique concerns. Step one is knowledge. Because knowledge is power, in step one we provide you real life practical information about what can be done with proper estate planning. Step two is Goals and Concerns. Our unique interview and assessment process is designed to help you discover your own priorities. Because every client is different, every plan is different. We find out what your personal goals and concerns are for your unique family situation. Step three is Design. During step two you shared with us your goals and concerns. In step three we match your goals and concerns with the legal documents and estate planning techniques most suited to accomplish those goals and protect against those concerns according to your personal priorities. Together we design a plan using legal documents, such as irrevocable asset protection trusts, revocable living trusts, pour over wills, advanced directives for health care, living wills, care agreements, deeds, wills, combined as necessary and customized with your specific instructions and our custom legal clauses and techniques. The final step is Follow-Through and free Periodic-Review. At no additional cost, your trust is funded, your assets are aligned with your plan. We make it easy and inexpensive to keep your plan up to date with free scheduled maintenance meetings, and consults, and free and reduced rate updates and amendments. That’s LifeCounsel®

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estate planning free workshops in Camden Maine


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Have a crisis case or immediate emergency? For nursing home, Mainecare, probate and estate administration call to speak with an estate planning and elder law attorney. Penbay Estate Planning Law Center also offers free workshops designed to empower you to work with us to create an estate plan that will not fail.


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estate planning free workshops in Camden Maine

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