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“I want to thank you for everything that you and Hollie did to facilitate the Letters of Guardianship.  When I first called your office, I was beside myself with the task ahead – how to protect my mom in an almost impossible situation.  You both went to work immediately on our behalf and stayed with us through the long process of ensuring her safety.

I am so grateful to Hollie for going the extra mile to facilitate this whole process.  Her professionalism and perseverance made me feel so confident during all the ups and downs of this case.

My mom is as happy as I have seen her in a long time at Knox.  I think it was a relief for her to let go of all her perceived responsibilities.  In fact, we were already managing everything – her finances, staffing, health – but I think she felt a weight about her living situation.  She seems so much lighter now and is not experiencing all the physical ailments that were so frightening to her at home. “


3 Reasons Your MaineCare Application Can Be Denied and a BONUS TIP

Do I Need A Trust?

Do I Need a Trust

Emergency Document Checklist - In case of sudden illness or loss of life.

Legal Emergency Checklist

Jesse Bifulco Elder Law Attorney

Jesse Bifulco, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney

Maine Estate Planning That’s Right For You.

We use wills, trusts and other estate planning tools to create estate plans that save taxes, protect your estate from nursing home costs, possible divorce, bankruptcy, and remarriage, for you, your spouse, your children and grandchildren.

LifeCounsel® … Plans that Work!

LifeCounsel® is built on my 25 years of legal experience. What is LifeCounsel?

LifeCounsel® is a four-part system to ensure that your estate plan meets your unique goals and prioritizes your unique concerns.

Step 1 is knowledge.

Step 2 is Goals and Concerns.

Step 3 is Design.

Step 4 is Follow-Through and free Periodic-Review.

Most estate plans fail for 3 reasons: they are not customized, they do not contain the wisdom of the planner, and, lastly, they are not maintained.
LifeCounsel® fixes all of that.

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estate planning

Estate Planning

What documents make sense for your family and loved ones? Sometimes a simple will is not enough. Aging in Place? How can you stay in your home as you age? Make a plan with specifics about your comfort as you age at home or another setting of your choice.


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Mainecare Asset Protection

MaineCare – Going Into A Nursing Home?

MaineCare applications are time-sensitive.  It is necessary to attempt to preserve your assets. Every month that passes when you could have received MaineCare nursing home benefits is another month of private pay.  We aim to provide your options within 48 hours of receiving your information.



If you die owning assets in your own name your family is required to commence a probate proceeding in the Probate Court. Penbay Estate Planning Law Center is a law firm in Camden Maine that Probates Wills, and handles intestate probate proceedings in Probate Court

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A condominium is not the same thing as owning a house. Find out more in our Buyers’ Guide.

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What Our Maine Estate Planning Clients Have Said.

Jesse presented the material so I could understand it without bogging me down with jargon and details. As a result, I have started looking into estate planning and am looking forward to more information from Penbay! I’m so grateful for this webinar. Thanks, Jesse!

J. M. - Google Review 2021

We have been looking for quite a long time for a good estate attorney. The seminar we attended was excellent and we look forward to working with Jesse.

P.B. - Google Review 2020

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