Estate Planning Workshops

DUE TO COVID-19, IN OFFICE WORKSHOPS ARE SUSPENDED – But you can watch from the safety and comfort of your home! ON-DEMAND OR A ZOOM WEBINAR!

Learn what it takes to plan and protect your estate. Register today to start the process. Our workshops cover Asset and Nursing Home Protection, Business Essentials: Starting or Running Business in Maine, Estate Planning for Your Pets, and Saving the Family Camp, Estate Planning for a Second Home.

Penbay Estate Planning Law Center Workshops

IN-OFFICE WORKSHOPS ARE SUSPENDED FOR NOW. Most Workshops are given at 66 Elm Street in Camden Village. Registration is recommended as seating is limited. The Workshops are designed to show participants what can be done. Allied Professionals are welcome.

How to Protect Your Home & Property

This Workshop covers the basics of estate planning with a focus on asset protection. As the name implies, workshop attendees are interested in preserving what they have for their use during their lives, and the life of their spouses. Learn what estate planning techniques are the best way to protect your family or beneficiaries.

Saving the Family Camp

Camps, beach houses, lake houses, vacation home – whatever your family calls it, how do you plan for it?Without clear guidance the cherished place of happy memories can become the focus of fighting between your heirs. Decisions about keeping the camp, or selling it, buy outs and add ins, whether they have to share, or get exclusive time, schedules and upkeep and expenses are the topics of this Workshop. Learn how to make a plan that will prevent fights, and may just keep the memories going.

Planning for Your Pets

If something happens to you, what will become of your pets? Our faithful companions deserve to be a part of our estate plan. Learn the basic and advanced estate planning tools that can prevent the worst from happening to your dog or cat or other beloved non-human family members during a temporary disability or after you’re gone.

Business Essentials

Thinking of starting a new business? Getting started and have some legal questions? This workshop covers the process of starting a new business, and what it takes to protect your estate, keep value if your partner wants out, ongoing upkeep.
Whether you’re finally pursuing a lifelong passion or just supplementing your income with a profitable hobby, retirees, the newly entrepreneurial, and even diy business owners need to learn the legal ins and outs of starting, and maintaining business as a profitable part of your estate. From Airbnbs to pottery wheels, learn what it takes to protect your assets and your estate and profit at the same time. This program covers all the basics, how to protect your estate and assets, entity selection, tax and social security consequences, and important contract provisions to watch out for. Although this is geared toward people starting a business in retirement, it is suitable for anyone venturing out into the world of business ownership for the first time.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Presenter, Jesse Bifulco is an estate planning attorney with over twenty years’ experience. He is committed to giving his clients the tools they need to plan and protect for their family. A second generation attorney, Jesse founded his own law firm in 1996. He works with estate planning attorneys nationally to develop and implement the most effective estate planning techniques.

Estate Planning Attorney, Jesse Bifulco

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