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What is Estate Planning?

Best Ways To Leave Assets To Adult Children

Saving the Family Camp – Legacy Properties

How to Probate a Will in Maine

3 Biggest Causes of Loss of Wealth & Family Conflict

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Your Aging Parent and How to Prepare for Their Care

Your Aging Parent and How to Prepare for Their Care

Whether you need basic information about eldercare resources and services, are looking for a local agency to provide those services, or have worries about legal documents or how to finance your parents’ care needs now or in the future, the time to begin planning is today.

Estate Planning Lesson

Estate Planning Lesson

The moral of the story? If King wanted to change his 2015 estate plan, he should have consulted an attorney. He never should have created a document that was open to such serious challenge, especially given the number of marriages and children involved, at a time when his health was frail.

Petcare Power of Attorney

Petcare Power of Attorney

The LifeCounsel® Petcare Power of Attorney™ is a Maine power of attorney form specifically limited and adapted to cover any animals you may own. It’s available for free download. Download it, print it, fill out a few details, and sign it before a notary. Then if you are away, or have an unexpected absence from home, you have already given someone the authority to retrieve your pets, feed them, and get them vet care if needed.