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What should I know before applying for MaineCare nursing home benefits?

Welcome to our virtual law office. Elder Law Attorney counsel, online, phone, video – get the information you need to make your best decision… Know before you apply. Mainecare Application Process. 

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Get The Answers You Need

✔ Find out if You or Your Loved One Are Eligible

✔ How much can be saved

✔ When will MaineCare start to pay

✔ Will there be a lien on your home


Virtual Law Firm

An Attorney-Counseled Process from Home

With our exclusive LifeCounsel® MaineCare Application process:

✔ Options from an experienced elder law attorney

✔ by phone

✔ video conference 

Get peace of mind, right from the comfort of your home.

LifeCounsel® process encapsulates over 50 years of legal experience – two generations of representing families, our system to make sure your plan works!

MaineCare Application Assistance
Make a Plan and Apply Right From Home
LifeCounsel® MaineCare Application Process



the LifeCounsel® MaineCare Application Process...

Start to finish, get the help you need for your MaineCare nursing home benefits application, get your options, apply for benefits, right from home!


Information First

Step 1

Step One. You provide us with some basic necessary information by completing a short form.

Get Your Options

Step Two. Get your application options. An elder law attorney goes over your options for MaineCare nursing home coverage

Immediate MaineCare Eligibility Options

Asset Protection Options

We Complete & File Your Application

Step 3

Once you choose your plan, we complete and file your MaineCare Application, including taking any actions necessary to preserve assets.

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    Please read this information before requesting our MaineCare Application Process form. 

    How much do you charge? 

    How you prepare for a MaineCare application can save you thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our fees are commensurate to the savings our clients receive. Isn’t it worth it to know that before you apply? Our process shows you exactly how much you will save based on the plan you choose. We charge a small fee to present your options which is credited against the total fee if you decide to move forward with a full plan and application, click here to get our Process Form, and schedule your call. Remember, paying a fair price for asset preservation and MaineCare nursing home eligibility is an investment. Once you complete the form, we can tell you what the fee will be.

    How long will it take? 

    MaineCare applications are time sensitive. We give priority to your matter. It is necessary to attempt to preserve your assets. Every month that passes when you could have received MaineCare nursing home benefits is another month of private pay. It is imperative to get the best result, that you cooperate with the process. If you do not provide the information we need, our options will not be accurate, and our estimated date of eligibility will be wrong. We aim to provide your options within 48 hours of receiving your information.


    Can we meet in your office? 

    Yes. But only if you’re within driving distance of our Maine office. We are a virtual elder law firm and meet with clients by phone and video conference. We make it convenient for busy families to receive fantastic service in the comfort and security of their homes. We work on your schedule, you don’t have waste time in traffic, and no unnecessary exposure to travel and travelers. We remove the obstacles that stop folks from creating a plan that achieves their personal goals and empowers their family.  

    For those who prefer to come to our office, we have an office conveniently located in beautiful Camden village with our own parking. For some they celebrate making their estate plan by visiting Camden. 


    Law Team at Penbay Estate Planning Law Center

    Jesse Bifulco is an elder law attorney  living and working in Maine. He’s been helping families as their lawyer for 25 years. Jesse and his team use wills, trusts and estate planning to prevent family conflict, and preserve family wealth.

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