Non-Competition Clause for your Maine Business

f you are interested in protecting your new or existing LLC, we can help you draft or amend your operating agreement to include key provisions such as a non-compete clause, as well as others specifically tailored to meet your business’s needs.

Record Keeping for Your Maine Business: What’s Required?

Whether you are just starting up a new Maine company or have a business that has been in operation for a while, good record keeping is an essential part of running your business. You are responsible for establishing an effective system to store and maintain your business records whether your small business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. Some types of records will help you to keep track of business details and plan for your business’s future, but others are required by law. Here are some of the records your business may be legally required to keep.

The Maine Business Plan

A business plan is an annual strategy exercise, detailing the business’s financial and funding information, its products or services, competitive research and analysis, marketing plans, sales plans and projections, and information about the key people and their roles. 

Closing Your Maine Business

Whether dissolving your business is a happy or sad occasion, it should be handled thoroughly.  Failing to wrap up all loose ends can lead to years of frustration and possible litigation with former employees, vendors, and partners.  We’d be happy to help you wrap things up and move on to your next venture. 

Employee HandBook For Maine Business

A well-drafted employee handbook for your Maine business is essential not only to set out your company’s policies and establish expectations but also to protect your business from potentially costly litigation.

Hiring New Employees in MidCoast Maine

Hiring New Employees in MidCoast Maine

I Need To Hire Someone for My Business; What Do I Need To Know? Jesse Bifulco, Attorney, Camden Maine The goal of most businesses is to grow – at least somewhat.  However, in order to grow or to be able to step away from the business for a personal life, vacation, or...