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Saving the Family Vacation Home

70% of kids lose their parent’s vacation home in the first generation

90% in the second. Learn how to keep the vacation home or family camp in the family for generations

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Legacy Property Family Trust

Second Homes & Vacation Property

What is a Family Legacy?

16% of homes in Maine are second homes or vacation homes “family camps”. What is a legacy property? It is a place of memories. A family camp might be a lake house, salt water farm, beach house, ski cabin, or even a townhouse in the city. It is owned by grandparents or parents, or in the succeeding generations, siblings, cousins… AND they want to keep it in the family!

How Do You Keep It?

A potentially valuable property – your heirs will inherit it one day. Often times these family camps are irreplaceable. Due to the appreciation in value of waterfront property, and scenic views, many family camps are now so valuable that the children of their owners could not afford to buy them. But What CAN be done? With proper planning it Could Be Your Legacy

A Good Family Camp Plan Includes

Creditor Protection

Yours: Mainecare Liens, nursing home costs, law suits | Theirs: divorce, bankruptcy, law suits, substance abuse

Use and Decision Making

Who get’s to use the camp? when? What about divorce? Balancing between children who have children, and those who don’t? Can they ever sell their interests? How about buying another’s interest?

Paying for It

While not every estate plan sets aside money for the Camp, it is a great way to insure that the whole family gets to use it -regardless of differences in their income. Consider a family legacy endowment fund.

Unplanned Life Events

Yours: the remarriage of a surviving spouse |Theirs: divorce, stepchildren. How do you treat everyone fairly, and still protect?

Your Wisdom & Guidance

While you are here, the Family Camp is a place of harmonious gatherings. You can give them the benefit of your guidance and wisdom to avoid conflict, and resolve differences for many years to come.
Planning for the Family Camp is Complex

But There is Good News

“How To” for Maine Family Camps

A Resource Right Here, in Midcoast Maine

we can help you

Accomplish Your Goals

Funding Your Dream

A great way to ensure the memories continue is to fund your Legacy Property Family Trust. Creating enough working capital as part of your estate plan takes the pressure off your family to sell the family camp and perhaps lose the opportunity to have such a property ever again.

Making it Legal

Camps, beach houses, lake houses, vacation home – whatever your family calls it, how do you plan for it? Which is the best entity? An LLC or Partnership? Should you use a Trust? With Tenants in Common or Joint Tenants, any owner can force the sale! You can guide their decisions about keeping the camp, or selling it, buy outs and add ins, whether kids have to share, or get exclusive time, schedules and upkeep. Our process guides you.


How do you protect against possible divorce? Or the remarriage of a surviving spouse? With proper planning you can prevent potentially devastating life events from forcing the sale of your Family Camp.


A plan for your Family Camp that gives creditor protection, divorce, bankruptcy, and Mainecare lien protection. The process lets you select options that fit best with your family customs. Your voice with our legal experience, allows you to easily accomplish your goals.

Give the Gift of Your Wisdom & Guidance

A Legacy Property Family Trust incorporates your voice. While you are here to help guide them your family has shared the Family Camp. When you’re gone, you can continue to help them avoid conflict, resolve disagreements, and use and enjoy the Family Camp together, for generations to come.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Maine will trust probate elder law attorneyAt Penbay Estate Planning Law Center, we are passionate about helping our clients prevent the financial devastation that can happen without proper estate planning. We believe that your Family Camp is something special. It’s worth taking the time to plan for it. What will happen to it, and to your family after you’re gone.


learn why leaving property jointly to your kids is the worst thing you can do

How to Make a Family Camp Trust

Penbay Estate Planning Law Center is located in Camden Maine. Estate planning attorney Jesse Bifulco can help you put your voice into a legal estate plan. Make a plan now, that will save the Family Camp for generations.

How to Fund A Family Camp Trust

Trust based estate plans and family camp or family cottage, or vacation home funding options. Create a fund to allow your family to use and enjoy the vacation home for generations regardless of their different income levels.

Saving the Family Camp

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