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Each person and family has a unique situation.

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Very informative. Easy to understand. Made easy the things that are sometimes hard to discuss.

-Mark K.

Design, Review, Sign…Peace of Mind 

Estate Planning Attorney, in-person, online, phone, video – get the information you need – the way you are comfortable communicating. 

Virtual Law Firm

The Gift of Asset Protection & Guidance

✔ Prevent loss caused by decisions in a crisis

✔ Provide for Surviving Spouse & Your Family

✔ Avoid Expensive Legal Proceedings

✔ Funding & Maintenance

Virtual Law Firm

An Attorney-Counseled Process from Home

With our exclusive LifeCounsel® process:

✔ Design, Review Sign and Fund Your Trust

✔ by phone

✔ video conference 

Get peace of mind, right from the comfort of your home or in person.

LifeCounsel® process encapsulates over 50 years of legal experience – two generations of representing families, our system to make sure your plan works!


the LifeCounsel® Estate Planning Process..

Start to finish, make and finalize an estate plan that is right for you and your loved ones. 


Knowledge - Get Critical Information First

Step 1 Step one is knowledge. Because knowledge is power, in step one we provide you real life practical information about what can be done with proper estate planning. You get the combined wisdom of over 85 years of planning for families so you can avoid the pitfalls. 

Your Priorities – LifeCounsel® Interview Process

It’s Fast Easy and Convenient with our LifeCounsel® Goals Assessment Interview.

You design the plan together with an estate planning attorney.  

Our unique interview and assessment process is designed to help you discover your own priorities. The attorney helps you make the best choices. Because every client is different, every plan is different.

Free Lifetime Maintenance (So the Plan Works)

Step 3

Most estate plans fail because they’re not reviewed and updated as your life changes or as the law changes. That’s why we help you review your plan for free, at no extra charge. We also provide free meetings for the people chosen for the roles in your plan.  

Free Annual Reviews

We make it easy to keep up with changes in the law, and changes in your life.

Basic Document Updates

so you don’t have to worry about extra costs.

Free Lifetime Support

 Got questions? Ask us. LifeCounsel means no hourly billing.

See Estate Planning Videos on Topics Important to You! 


Please read this information before scheduling a free consultation or your reservation for the How to Protect Your Assets webinar. 

How much do you charge?  

If you’re looking for a $200 will or $800 Trust and want to “keep it simple (cheap),” we’re not the right law firm for you. We work with folks who understand value and want to protect their wealth and empower their children to live the best lives possible. If you want to learn how we can customize a plan for your family. Schedule your call or online consultation NOW. 

How long will it take?  

We carefully design and draft each custom plan. Giving total peace of mind means you can rely on getting a well counseled, properly drafted and maintained estate plan. Our process typically takes about one month. The process is easy for you. You don’t have to be a mechanic or engineer to own and drive a fine sports car. If you want to learn more about our LifeCounsel® process, click here.  

Can we meet in your office?  

Yes. But we are also a virtual law firm and meet with clients by phone and video conference. We make it convenient for busy families and seniors to receive fantastic service in the comfort and security of their homes. This means your schedule, no travel time, and no unnecessary exposure to travel and travelers. We remove the obstacles that stop folks from creating a plan that achieves their personal goals and empowers their family.  

For those who prefer to come to our office, we have an office conveniently located in beautiful Camden village with our own parking. For some they celebrate making their plan by visiting Camden. 

Jesse Bifulco is an elder law attorney  living and working in Maine. He’s been helping families as their lawyer for 25 years. Jesse and his team use wills, trusts and estate planning to prevent family conflict, and preserve family wealth.

Jesse Bifulco Elder Law Attorney

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Each person and family has a unique situation.

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