This form lets you:

  • Name one or more than one person to be your Petcare Power of Attorney™ agent
  • Limits your agent’s authority over your property specifically to your animals, and nothing else
  • Is durable – that means it will not be revoked if you should become incapacitated
  • Allows your agent to ask your estate, trustee or conservator for reimbursement for the expenses of caring for your pet. This encourages your agent to make good decisions
  • If it becomes apparent you will not be able to care for your pet, allows the agent to find your animal family member a suitable temporary or permanent home

The LifeCounsel® Petcare Power of Attorney™


The LifeCounsel® Petcare Power of Attorney™ is for anyone who wants to make sure their pets are covered.


A friend of mine went on vacation. His flight was delayed. He asked his best friend to stop by the kennel and pick up his dog. The kennel did not release the dog. The kennel did the right thing. If they released the dog to the wrong person, imagine how the owner would feel. 

Now, if you are ever delayed or hospitalized, or otherwise unable to care for your pets for a temporary or prolonged period of time, you can have give someone the authority to take care of them with this form. -The Petcare Power of Attorney.

The LifeCounsel® Petcare Power of Attorney™ is a Maine power of attorney form specifically limited and adapted to cover any animals you may own. It’s available for free download.

Download it, print it, fill out a few details, and sign it before a notary.


Then if you are away, or have an unexpected absence from home, you have already given someone the authority to retrieve your pets, feed them, and get them vet care if needed.

This is a Maine power of attorney form specifically for pets. This Petcare Power of Attorney™ is not suitable as a general power of attorney, because it is specifically limited to only that authority that is necessary to deal with your animals.



Get peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of if something happens to you!

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