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What your business needs to know about sales tax in Maine

Figuring out a business’s responsibility for collecting and remitting sales tax can be quite confusing for many business owners, especially those who are just starting a new business. If you make a mistake or fail to remit sales tax on time, your business could be subject to large fines or even lose the right to do business in a state.

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6 Key Considerations for Passing Down a Maine Family Business

You have invested a lot in making your business a success, and it is hard to think about relinquishing ownership or control of it. Nevertheless, planning is critical in creating a lasting legacy for your family. We can help you put a plan in place that helps you successfully pass your business on to the next generation and ensures that you have a financially secure retirement

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Can Your Maine Small Business Write Off Bad Debts?

If your small Maine business has suffered losses because of bad debts, and you are wondering if you may be entitled to write them off, we can help you navigate the applicable tax rules to minimize your tax liability, as well as provide guidance about steps you can take to avoid losses from bad debts.

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How Do I Change My Business Structure In Maine?

As your small business expands and evolves, it may make sense to consider changing its structure. Many small businesses start out as sole proprietorships or partnerships, with only one or two owners and no employees. Over time, as your business grows and changes.

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What is the Difference Between a Maine LLC and a Maine LLP ?

The factors discussed in this blog post are only a few of the important considerations relevant to choosing the right structure for your business. The decision about which type of business entity to form is a complex one that will depend on your particular circumstances and the goals you seek to achieve.

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